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Land Into Trust Timeline
In order for gaming to be conducted on the Kenosha property, the United States must take the property into trust for the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. This requires approvals from both the Secretary of the Interior and the Governor of Wisconsin. Below is a timeline showing potential timing of the necessary steps to place the land into trust for the Tribe.
* August 23, 2013 – Department of the Interior/Bureau of Indian Affairs determines that the acquisition will be in the best interest of the Tribe and not detrimental to the local community; sends the application to the Governor of Wisconsin for concurrence.
* Next, the Governor of Wisconsin has up to one year to concur in the Secretary’s decision, however, he is not required to take that long.
* Upon concurrence of the Governor, the Department of the Interior could be able to issue a notice that they intend to take the land into trust for the Menominee Indian Tribe within two months.
* It is possible – if the United States and State of Wisconsin act as promptly as possible on the Tribe’s Application and Potawatomi is unsuccessful in its attempt to squash competition – that the land could be taken into trust, shovels could be in the ground and more than 3,300 new jobs could be on the horizon, as early as the end of 2015.
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