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Jobs & Economic Impact  

Illinois casino expansion could threaten Wisconsin’s opportunity

Illinois is coming closer and closer to expanding its gaming market, which is likely to include a new casino in Lake County, just miles from the state line.  If that happens, there would still be many new jobs and a robust new revenue stream – only they would be benefiting Illinois, not Wisconsin.  By partnering with Menominee in Kenosha, Governor Walker has the power to pre-empt any Illinois proposal and ensure more than 3,300 good jobs and more than $35 million in new state revenue a year come here to the Badger State.

The Kenosha entertainment center and casino will create more than 3,300 good-paying jobs with benefits for local residents, and indirectly support another 1,800 local jobs. On top of that, just building the facility will create more than 1,400 family-sustaining construction jobs. Those 6,500 jobs go a long way toward helping fulfill Governor Walker’s goal of creating
creating 250,000 new jobs
 in the Badger State.
Additionally, the Kenosha casino will make more in state and local government payments than any other Wisconsin company or Tribe – essentially, it will be the State of Wisconsin’s largest taxpayer. Agreements in place with the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County will also benefit local schools, cultural institutions and nonprofits.  
Good Jobs for Wisconsin    
* The Kenosha facility will directly employ 3,356 FTE. Employees are expected to earn an average salary, including tips and benefits, of $47,234. Total annual payroll, with benefits, is project at about $150 million.
* Employees would be offered a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental and vision insurance; 401(k) plans; disability insurance; life insurance; child-care subsidies; employer-paid meals; and more.
* Construction of the facility is expected to create 1,400 additional jobs, with total construction employee compensation estimated at $164 million.
* More than 1,800 additional full and part-time jobs will be created as a result of the facility’s indirect economic impact.
* To ensure that jobs benefit local residents, the facility will establish a hiring process that gives preference to Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee County residents, in that order. Minority hiring preferences will also be in effect.
Economic Benefits for Wisconsin    
* The Compact between the Menominee Tribe and the State of Wisconsin requires the Tribe to pay the State from 7 percent to 7.5 percent of the Kenosha casino’s net win every year. Menominee would pay a higher percentage of net win than any other Tribe in the state.
* Menominee would pay the state approximately $35 million a year, which is more than any other business or Tribe. Essentially, Menominee would be the state’s biggest taxpayer.
* Total payments to the State over the first 10 years of operation alone are estimated at more than $350 million.
Economic Benefits for Kenosha    
* Under terms of an Intergovernmental Agreement, the Tribe will pay the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County 3 percent of net win over the Kenosha project’s first eight years and 4 percent of net win thereafter. Payments to the City and County are expected to total more than $19 million annually. By comparison, the current shuttered Dairyland Greyhound Park site generates approximately $300,000 per year in taxes.
* The Tribe will also make a $1.5 million annual gift to the Kenosha Unifed School District. Additionally, the City of Kenosha will annually distribute $500,000 of its casino payment to KUSD, and the County will distribute $500,000 of its payment to the Kenosha school districts west of Interstate 94.
* The Tribe will make a one-time, $5 million contribution to be used for establishing trust funds to support Kenosha public museums, local services for the homeless and other area cultural and charitable needs.
* The Tribe will establish a comprehensive responsible gaming program and match Kenosha County funds up to $150,000 annually for assessment and treatment of problem gamblers.
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